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Back in 1989, Thierry Cintas, a frenchman, contacted Didier Dupont, who is chairman of the French-Lakota society.This group promotes cultural exchange activities, and Cintas had decided to dedicate some of his land in southern France to the Lakota (Sioux) people. Dupont worked for 2 years on the project, combining efforts with Native american

Their work paid off in early May of 1991

conducted a Ceremony that drew people of from all over France, in addition to national television, newspaper, and radio coverage. The 20 acres of foothills farmland contains a few houses and the stone fences typical of the region.
  Birgil Kills Straight gave it the Lakota name

" Anpo Luta "
which means Red Dawn

The land is near the town of Albi; the closest city Toulouse.

Meetings and cultural activities will be held there, and a cutural center is planned.


La Cérémonie/Ceremony on the land

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